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Jessie Hsu

Strategic Partnership Manager
Jessie manages Strategic Partnerships at MOX by focusing on business development, community relations and alumni benefits. She is responsible for helping SOSV’s digital portfolios identify their business and innovation development strategy in emerging markets, guiding C-suite executives to forge valuable partnerships with world’s leading telecom companies.

She is also the person in charge of local partnerships including government and eco-system partners. She monitors the implementation of government subsidies, startups and potential business leads.

Throughout her career she has gained experience from creative, innovative and mobility industries. She used to work with multi-countries from China, South East Asia and US to deliver cross-border projects, including worldwide content analysis, branding strategy, mobile product management, international exhibitions and events organization.

MOX — the Mobile Only Accelerator — helps the best mobile startups from around the world acquire millions of users in Southeast Asia and India. MOX brings free user acquisition to the 167 million users on its smartphone platform and investment in return for revenue share and equity. The first global accelerator in Taiwan, MOX is operated by SOSV — the Accelerator VC — a venture fund with US$400M assets under management investing through six startup accelerators around the world focused on cross-border Internet, Hardware, Biotech and Foodtech/Agritech.