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Elisa Chiu

Anchor Taiwan
Founder & CEO
Elisa Chiu is an investor-turned-entrepreneur/mentor who operates at the intersection of tech innovation, cross-border collaboration and Asian market immersion. She works with top entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives from Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Warner Bros., UBS, Deutsche Telekom and such for growth, market entry and investment in Asia through Anchor Taiwan's entrepreneurial residency program. This award-winning platform is backed by impeccable network, providing exclusive access, resources, and insights for Asia soft-landing.

Elisa sailed from Wall Street with a decade of experience at top tier investment banks and hedge funds, trading and overseeing over US$1B assets in Pan Pacific Asia. Elisa is a mentor for Founder Institute, a premier pre-seed startup accelerator from Silicon Valley with 200 chapters around the world. She is also a highly sought-after moderator and speaker for tech conferences with recent appearances at Stanford University, Infinity Ventures Summit, APEC O2O Summit, Asia Blockchain Summit, and Global Harbor Cities Forum. Elisa was awarded 40 Under 40 by Girls in Tech Taiwan in 2018.